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When Your Number Is Called

It’s Your Time Ask Carol Burnett.

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WR 2.0

WR 2.0 Eleven point five percent of the original concept was transferred from cassette masters to super wide format ferric oxide magnetic analog recording tape of a custom formulation. Exactly half of that was originally recorded at Josiah Smith Tavern, The … Continue reading

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The Net Worth

The Net Worth Movie now has a blog to keep you informed and up to date. Production news, release updates and more can be viewed on the blog. Press and Media contact can be made via the contact form here. … Continue reading

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Google Movie

I am moving forward with the production of the Google Movie. The feature film, unlike The Social Network movie, will be more of a “Michael Moore” type of Documentary. This feature presentation will chronicle not only Google, but the history … Continue reading

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Titanic One Hundred Years Later

Titanic 100 Year Expedition With the sinking of the Titanic nearing the century mark, we are planning on another expedition to the wreck site. In 1996, a part of the ship’s hull was raised to the surface. On the One … Continue reading

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The Future

The Future Of Google And Facebook By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G It’s happening at light speed. The changes taking place are profound. Recent changes to the ranking matrix algorithms have only added to the fierce battle. Facebook is playing the music … Continue reading

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Submit Your Music

Submissions are now open to the public. How to submit your music for free.

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Paranormal Ghost Spirits Real Or Fake

The Truth Will Always Reveal Itself By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G Paranormal events and activities are real. Spirits (Ghosts) are real. It all ties in with the Afterlife with “witness to acts” used as evidence on Judgment Day being the main purpose. … Continue reading

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The Key To Success

How To Succeed By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G “Behind every successful man is a Cherokee Wife” – Sonny and Cher Bono – September 1974 “The key to success is a Cherokee Wife” – Glenn and Joyce Davis – September 2011 … Continue reading

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Wealth In The Economy

Profit In Any Economy By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G Regardless of the current state of economic growth, it is possible to create wealth and large profits in any economy. The real estate market is hit hard, but if you are … Continue reading

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New World Record

As a contributor to the Infinity Project, commitment to unsurpassed excellence in the music, broadcast, audio, recording and entertainment industry is the mission statement. This publication officially verifies and announces the new release of World Record 2.0. World Record 2.0 is … Continue reading

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Grammy Awards

I will poll all living Grammy Award winners and compare the results.

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The New Music Industry

 The New Music Industry By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G

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What Real Love Is

What REAL love looks like. What REAL love is.

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The Skinny On Drinks

Skinny Drinks By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G Not condoning drinking, but if you must, do so responsibly. You can enjoy slim drinks that will keep you thin and trim. The Paw Paw Passion by Joyce Davis is one way to enjoy … Continue reading

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Useful Advice

Useful Advice By: GLENN AND JOYCE DAVIS Here are some tips and useful advice on how to live a better life: 1. Love, Honor and Cherish unconditionally. 2. Respect, appreciate and never take anything for granted. 3. Practice selflessness unconditionally. … Continue reading

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Glenn Davis Doctor G Coming To You

The answer is yes. Glenn Davis Doctor G All Stars Coming To You! Tour Dates, Television and Radio.

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Surprise Everyone

Surprise Everyone By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G Catch them off guard.

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