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Ghost Park

I am very excited and proud to announce that I am engaged in writing “Ghost Park” which is an original film screenplay. Ghost Park Plot A development company named Horizons Crest has just entered the amusement park industry, but instead … Continue reading

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Free Expert Advice

ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL CLIMATE Roads bard the seams bestow both spring and summer travel. The width and slack tide drawn hands be near menus. Sometime waters and foil drops Henderson splits bread beneath errands a tile. We car just opposed … Continue reading

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George V Peter

Even though my Wife and I have not lived in New England for quite some time, we still embrace some of the nostalgia. Both of our families enjoyed watching The NBC Mystery Movie. This wheel format NBC/Universal joint venture eventually … Continue reading

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Memory Lane

What Have I Done Now ? or Oh NO! Not THAT!!! Back in the days of yore, after eating at York’s which was not too far from Cheryl Lynn WhoreAslut’s house, I was gifted a purchase made at Woolworth’s at … Continue reading

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Roland TR 808 Serial Number 1

Roland TR-808 Serial Number 1

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The Legendary PC taking a break to enjoy some coffee in Coral Gables Florida in 1975. My Wife and I have been watching several movies starring the late great actor. We have actually been discussing the idea of visiting a … Continue reading

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I Double Checked

I Double Checked and it’s the Same Old Shit.

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American You

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Subliminal Messages

LSD Serial #C20H25N3O

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No Conscience

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