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Person in charge

I am the Person in charge.

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Port Royal to Star Island to an undisclosed location.

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Ann Sarnoff

Ann Sarnoff Chairperson of Warner Bros. Entertainment Description Ann Marie Sarnoff is an American television executive. She became the chairperson and CEO of Warner Bros. in the summer of 2019. Sarnoff is the first woman to hold the position at … Continue reading

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100 Percent Sure

I am one hundred percent sure 50 percent of the drums are max and the other 50 percent is Glenn Scott Davis.

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Official Shit List

Official SL Name                 Details of Crime(s)         Additional Information    Diane                  Extreme Sociopath       NH  Sheryle               Psychopath  … Continue reading

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Because it was obviously going to occur, the Shit List will be made public for reference purposes. Coming soon to an internet near you!

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May 15 May 24

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