To Cruise or Not to Cruise?

To Cruise



Not to Cruise

Not to Cruise

Not Cruise

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One of Those

One of those, please. Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome. Have a nice day. You too.

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2017th Record

Glenn Davis Doctor G

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Nea 9 hs J3 iyd66 wenn 7 89 ve

T5 FDE e **8

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We Should probably Cruise

We Should probably Cruise.

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Glenn Scott Davis Foundation

We have proudly just formed the Glenn Scott Davis Foundation. Inquiries may be directed to:

GSDF Elliott Financial Building Newton, MA 02464

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Glenn Davis Doctor G Island

Glenn Scott Davis

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The Winner Is

The format is undoubtedly “clearer, crisper and cleaner”

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llun gorau

Any one they not in.

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A Heart

Heart shaped cloud

Was going through snaps we took the other day and my wife spotted a heart!

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Islands Acquisition

My wife and I are examining the acquisition of additional islands.

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I Am Lucky

It took me over half a century to find my wife in 2012. I never stop appreciating her. I am also lucky that I never went to jail, was never murdered and kept my finances safe.

Published on Sep 27, 2016
“Dear Sandman After listening to your walking on egg shells video it is clear to me that you are seeing more than just female nature in play. Two years ago I found out about something called cluster B personality, Histrionic, Narcissistic and Borderline disorders. I had a significant other that had to take the MMPI-2 test and be reviewed by a psychiatrist. To be fair I went and had the same personality test done on me out of curiosity. What was important is I learned that everyone has personality traits but when they become destructive they move to a category called a disorder. The real key is most of us never even know this stuff exists and frankly the psychological world under diagnoses this stuff since most with these issues will never go and get tested. The US military spent amazing amount of money to figure out relationships and found that all healthy love relationships work the same way. First you meet and form a basic bond. With time you develop understanding and it moves to friendship. Then with understanding you develop empathy, which then allows for forgiveness. Forgiveness gives way to trust and that leads to a healthy loving relationship. The problem is most of the relationships you speak about fail at the empathy level. Empathy is tricky as you can lose it due to the physical impact of damage to the brain during development, bad development or heavy metals and that is often seen as psychopathic behavior. A sociopath is when you suppress empathy because of learned response to abuse or other negative social impacts. Think holocaust victims. I share all of this because in almost every one of your descriptions of women you are pointing to the lack of empathy. Take a look at the below links and read what its like to live with these type of people. I would recommend any man in a relationship read those pages and get out of that relationship as fast as they can do safely if they can relate to any of the descriptions as they have no drugs or cure for this stuff. I would guess a majority of MGTOW men are dealing with these kind of women and our society with Princess training is breeding these type of women in mass in the big cities. Women with these array of disorders are only capable of seeing men as a utility because empathy is not present.
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Ru Fer real
Ru Fer real4 months ago
Mental women? So, normal women.
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Ru Fer real
Ru Fer real4 months ago
+Daniel Hobgen; not sure if you’re trolling or you’re unaware that you are either male or female, regardless of being a transvestite, not both.
Reply 1
Bobby Ingram
Bobby Ingram4 months ago
Damn you took the words right out my mouth I was getting ready to say “I all thought women were mental” good job man 👍👍
Ru Fer real
Ru Fer real4 months ago
Daniel, sorry I meant trans gender. Typo.
Kenneth 209
Kenneth 2094 months ago (edited)
vegas1a1 month ago
MENTAL WOMEN = the ultimate oxymoron.
Reply 1
fucker nine
fucker nine4 months ago
Mental woman is an oxymoron. just say woman. it accomplishes the same thing
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Nick C.
Nick C.4 months ago
+Roman Fox French. Not from Europe though, but Canada.
Roman Fox
Roman Fox4 months ago
+Nick C. how different is French Canadian from European Canadian? Been there?

Much much colder in the French part of Canada, right?

Very different culture? What carries over? Most foods? Etiquette?

I always hear people are very uppity about people speaking French if they don’t do it well.
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Sam Fitt
Sam Fitt4 months ago
A man with a mental illness is a villain. A woman with a mental illness is a victim. Sane or insane women scare me to stay away they can flip on a dime and lose their mind. The more I know about females the more I avoid them.
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Lion of Mgtow
Lion of Mgtow4 months ago
These days you can’t tell which trollop is a sociopath or a narcissist.
Reply 53
jpm4 months ago
Actually, a lot of cluster B personality disorders can appear charming. Harvey Cleckley in his book, “The Mask of Sanity” describes this with one type, the psychopath. You would’ve loved being a neighbor with Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy (both known psychopaths) because they can be very pleasant on a superficial level and could appear to be pillars of the community. Narcissistic and Histrionic individuals routinely use charm to satisfy their needs for attention. People with Borderline Personality Disorder also have can appear very loving at times but the relationships are more like, “I hate you, don’t leave me” and you might feel you are always walking on egg-shells.

But as sandman pointed out, this is on a continuum rather than discrete periods of mental dysfunction. Personality disorders are not mental illnesses and with Cluster B, options are limited.

Keep in mind that there are cluster A and Cluster C personality disorders but that is NOT what Sandman is talking about. The Cluster A types tend to be excentric and loners. Cluster C has are more anxious.
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SavMacCauley4 months ago
The phrase “‘mental’ women” is redundant.
Reply 42
enkhe-amgalano b
enkhe-amgalano b4 months ago
i like the taste of red pills in the morning.
Reply 27
Devion Colford
Devion Colford4 months ago
I second this
Reply 4
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous4 months ago
All women are born with manipulative and deceiving characteristics. It is simply the fact that most women realize the powers they possess, and the rest don’t realize it YET. AWALT.
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Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous4 months ago
+MasterB8ing Monkey I’m not too much of a Spurs guy, I like the Rockets.
Alva Goldbook
Alva Goldbook4 months ago
Women are sociopaths. They’re incapable of giving a damn about anyone but themselves. So you shouldn’t give a damn about them either.
Reply 26
Issac Kaiser
Issac Kaiser4 months ago (edited)
You are correct Mr. Goldbook.

Over the coming decades women need to make a choice: Be a real Woman (of value to all, especially her children) or be a post-modern cultural bottom feeder who leaves a wide swath of destruction behind her every move.
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Harry Schultze
Harry Schultze4 months ago
I have never met a sane woman.
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Lumir G Janku
Lumir G Janku4 months ago
Dating matrix starts with women being on 4/10 level crazy at the least. 5/10-6/10 is average.
Reply 1
Nunyer Byzness
Nunyer Byzness2 weeks ago
Harry Schultze Hear ya! I’ ve rarely seen a man who doesn’ t cheat..who works regularly, or can manage finances these days. Why would any woman feaar that. You cretins deserve eachother if you think all women are like this. I’ ve been married 30 years to a great guy. I really feel sorry for you guys.
Dean Fambro
Dean Fambro4 months ago
I just got out of a 12 year relationship with a woman that suffered from multiple cluster b personality disorders. There is no cure and these women are dangerous and destructive. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!
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Dean Fambro
Dean Fambro4 months ago
No its not. I am antisocial too. But if you are referring to a personality disorder you need to look up the definition of the Antisocial Personality Disorder in the DSM V. It is not the same thing.
Reply 1
jamesandrew621 month ago
I found some good youtube videos by “Spartan life coach”, on cluster B and Complex-PTSD, explaining how to recover from close relationships with these people, they help untangle some of the crap we have to go through & return sanity after years of toxic mind games.
Reply 1
Shlomo Shechem
Shlomo Shechem4 months ago
I’m very skeptical of main stream psychology and its categories of “disorders”. I find the analysis of female nature we’re doing here in MGTOW is far superior. The idea of “men projecting male nature onto females” is an important concept and I’ve never heard it voiced anywhere but in MGTOW. Its the beginning of an objectivity about our situation and a clarity about what female nature is all about.
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Andrew Novak
Andrew Novak4 months ago
Shlomo Shechem I agree Schlomo. My ears also pricked up when Sandman stated this. It is something I have been becoming more and more aware of. Indeed, we do well to not assume that traits more natural to men are also present in women. Perhaps our projections result from the incessant feminist social conditioning we have been subjected to from birth, which tells us that we are the same (“equal”), which is complete BS. It’s liberating to break out of the matrix and see things in their true light. Kind regards.
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Jesse Waugh
Jesse Waugh4 months ago
Shlomo Shechem ‘Andromorphism’. That’s the word Sandman was looking for. Anthropo = human, andro = man, gyno = woman. Men have been gynomorphized by media propaganda, but we need to realize that we andromorphize women.
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Epyion Khreschendo
Epyion Khreschendo4 months ago (edited)
these type of women tend to raise the blind as a bat red flag. ANY mental illness that a woman has whether past or even in the present and possibly the future will put any man in danger. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!
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Shirley Jones

I am worried about Shirley Jones.

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King of Wales

According to ancestral records, I am the King of Wales.

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Glenn Scott Davis

Pnisinflight Album Art

Pnisinflight Glenn Scott Davis

Side One

  1. Appronn
  2. Buumshale’
  3. Vetttus OoO
  4. Pepoosen
  5. Cunninglinguist part two

Side Two

  1. YesVes Blumptene
  2. Seenatisvx
  3. In Flight Service
  4. Ggghahh
  5. Pnisinflight
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Temporarily avoiding death

Glenn Scott Davis

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Kings of Wales family trees

Kings of Wales family trees

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Khufu ship

The ultimate funerary boat is Khufu ship, which was commissioned for King Cheops.

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Cluster B Bridge to Nowhere


Cluster B
Bridge to Nowhere

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Membership Card

member card

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Blue Riband and Hales Trophy

Blue Riband and Hales Trophy

The Blue Riband and Hales Trophy is the inspiration.

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Bleech Beach

I am the current owner of bleech beach.

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Red Circle

Cluster B

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Cellular Phones and Time Travel

Cellphones and Time Travel


There were no cellular phone towers in 1912.

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Friday the 13th

A month ago today, we cashed out just under eleven thousand shares of XOM purchased and privately held since 1981.

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Back From the Future

I am back from the future.

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Glenn Scott Davis Ah Ah Ha Ha

Glenn Scott Davis Ah Ah Ha Ha

Glenn Scott Davis
Ah Ah Ha Ha

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Count Me In

C M I 504

The majority of the footage was shot in France with additional production in Bermuda, Hawaii and at Bleech Beach on our private island.

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South Side

South Side

1458 Bleech Beach South Side!!!

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Time Machines for Sale

Time Machine For Sale


Time Machines 4 Sale

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Cashed out December 13 because sometimes it’s a lucky number.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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One of the MANY reasons my wife and I would never live anywhere the temperature reaches freezing. Also, more proof of the decline of human intelligence.

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Happy Holidays 2016

Merry Xmas

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Year End

Some of the December product offerings to end the year on a perfect note.

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This is what happens when one of the facility owners personally makes an appearance to make sure nobody has stolen your parking.

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Bleech Beach

Bleech Beach

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one twenty eight by three thirteen

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I knew this was going to happen.

TTE  Glenn Davis

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Glenn Davis Doctor G

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Glenn Scott Davis & Her


Her Supergirl, she’s no mudpuppet.

The oh so sweet and soothing sounds of Her feels right.

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Lord V

His Majesty

His Majesty Lord V

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Peter Chernin

Peter is a good man.

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Another Perfect Day

Perfect Day

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Very Big News

Now Playing Everywhere 


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Glenn Scott Davis Ten Thirty One

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Cliff Coaster

Cliff Roller Coaster

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Ha Ha Ha


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Where is the Hat?

where is the hat

LJ Plympton (Broker) sitting next to “The Hat” on the newly acquired Gots Yots.

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The Smiler

The Smiler

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Summer All Year

Glenn Davis Doctor G

It’s summer every single day of each year in all the places we live!

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Magic Mountain After Hours

Six Flags Magic Mountain After Hours was AWESOME.

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Seventy Seven Four

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Abandoned Amusement Parks Movie

abandoned amusement parks movie

Abandoned Amusement Parks (2009)

Movie Review

TRT: 139 Minutes. Format: DVD (limited run OOP) Audio: Stereo.  Language: English

Superb super-rare out-of-print movie about abandoned amusement parks. “Abandoned Amusement Parks” is in full color and just over two hours in length. It’s a two-disc set that was released in 2009 by Vunder Productions (defunct) and this documentary covers just about all relevant closed amusement parks around the globe that at the time of filming, still had any rides standing.

The production quality of this movie is very good and the audio is outstanding. A near-flawless chronicle of all aspects of each park with some great historical content regarding each park’s history. The second disc also contains a bonus section with audio menu of music soundtracks from select parks when they were still in operation. Scale of 1-10: a strong 9.

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Greatest Composer of All Time

Greatest Composer

Something about his brushstrokes…..

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Little Miss Miracles

Little Miss Miracles

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Brain Tissue

Brain Tissue

A Medical Journal By Maria Davis (MD)

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Welcome to Bermuda


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Life is Fun

Fun Life

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Home Sweet Home

Glenn Davis Doctor G

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New England


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Pier 66

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Wife and I recently discovered that the iconic Pier 66 Marina was up for sale for $200M and we couldn’t resist going back to look.

We slipped in to P66 and as usual, the staff and dockmaster were cheerful, friendly and most accommodating. Pier 66 is conveniently located at 26 06.129 North / 80 07.076 West, and is on the east side of the ICW at the corner of the Stranahan and Mercedes Rivers. The Marina consists of floating composite and fixed concrete decked slips and face docks. 30/50/100 amp power hookups and recent renovations now include an additional 6 Superyacht slips.

The inner fairways may pose a challenge depending on conditions, so a face dock is usually preferred. MLW Depths: Entry: 10 ft. Fuel Dock: 12 ft. Max Slip/Moor: 15 ft./— Tide: 2.5 ft. The resort itself is of course, the main attraction and since our last visit, the vintage Otis Sky Glass scenic express elevator to “The Top” has been rehabbed/re-certified and is fully functional once again. Yay.

The bulk of the “land” property consists of 22 acres of tropical resort with waterfalls, pools, gardens, tennis courts, six restaurants and spa. The landscaping and maintenance is simply exquisite and the massive courtyard boasts numerous gaming pursuits including a giant chess board. FLB is just moments away and there is virtually limitless shopping and clubbing options all in close proximity. Definitely a “Must” and worthy of multiple return visits!


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Señor Frog’s Puerto Rico

Señor Frog's Puerto Rico

I just scored this extremely cool shirt from Señor Frog’s in Puerto Rico!

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Scully Cove YC

Glenn Scott Davis

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Gullet Point


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We received so many communiques from everybody, it crashed the email server!

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New Products

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Three Minutes

An abundance of new products are being released under the Glenn Davis Doctor G and Glenn Scott Davis  monikers. In addition to physical merchandise, new digital offerings include premium ring tones, Super HD singles and full-length SV albums. YTD over 100 new products have been planned for release between April and August with a portion already available for purchase.

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Public Announcement

If it’s fun, count me in.

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Mazagan beach resort, Pirates Well Bahamas, Maldives and last, but not least, Dubai.

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The Human Brain

The Human Brain

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Wild Life


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Time is running out


Tick Tock Toe

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Thank You

Thank You for making this year supreme! Whatever you may observe this time of year, best wishes and Happy Holidays!


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God of Paradise

Health Love and Good Fortune

Welcome to the final month of 2015. The God of Paradise shall bestow love, health and good fortune to all those who deserve.

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Waste of Time

Naming good-for-nothing people is a useless  waste of valuable time.


Glenn and Maria Davis

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1033 by 420

1033 by 420

Ten Thirty Three X Four Twenty

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It was extremely fun making this! Here are some supremely cool extras that we have decided to share:

You Might Be A Redneck

Some of the Stars between takes.

You Might Be A Redneck

Rare Outtake

You Might Be A Redneck

The water sequences were filmed on a platform without an engine (note the paddles the production crew had to use to move it)

You Might Be A Redneck

A Fish-eye view of the water scenes set taken from the director’s (floating) chair.

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Interesting and Educational








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How to get what you need or want

There are many resources regarding the subject of how to get what you need or want, unfortunately they are convoluted and often go into a long opinion about the “Art of Asking” which is not necessarily required. There are some things in life that are very simple, and acquiring most of what you need or want is one of them. How do you do it? Just ask.

It may be true that you cannot always get everything you ask for, but if you do not ask, you will not receive. It is also true that certain things require more than just asking, but most of what you seek just requires that you ask. Almost everything in life is negotiable. The top reasons why some people do not “just ask” is they are afraid of rejection or they feel they are being too forward. There is nothing wrong with asking, as the worst that will happen is you will get a “no” but more often than not, you will hear the magic yes word. If you are too lazy to ask, or feel entitled and think everything is just going to fall into your lap, you do not deserve, and will not receive.

The other thing about asking, is you can do it more than once. For example, if you call a customer service person about something and do not get any satisfaction, ask for another person, or call back to get another person. My Wife and I practice this religiously and it works nine out of ten times. It works for us, it will work for you.

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar

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Sun Hat

Sun Hats

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Warner Bros.

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be most fitting to share with you some of the more recent purported haunting of the Warner Lot in Burbank. There are many occurrences that come to mind, but I am going to list the three freshest happenings.

1. Roger Keith Barrett seen wandering Avenue D.
2. On multiple occasions, when screening room 5 in building 71 sat empty, unexplained Foley sounds have been heard.
3. Whistling and humming heard in the Stage 9 Atrium.

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Point of It All

Before I even started writing Point of It All (completed 8 October 2015) which is my 26th Screenplay, I had researched some of the key elements extensively. As the work progressed, it became very clear that one of the main aspects of it is the importance of relating to all things living or not. The fact that some parts are inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey made the writing process enjoyably challenging as I didn’t want to come off stilted like Kubrick. In addition to employing organic screenwriting, a seamless flow was also an important technique in Point of It All.

The underlying story weaves in and out in classic fashion to keep the audience focused from start to finish. It became paramount that all the characters in this work are highly identifiable by the global population. I also strategically introduced Shakespearean Point of View which will answer all meaning if doubted by any expert. The outcome of the sum of this work is simultaneously simplistic and profound.

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Golf Game

A few recent rounds of Golf at several Walt Disney World courses proved to yield the famous line “I haven’t been to bed this early since I was five years old” even though the staff tried their best to make us feel at home. Carly said Turtle Hill is back online at the Princess, yet there is nothing quite like heading back to the Trump Doral. Everything is perfect, of course.

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Cicada 3301

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Twenty Five

I have just started writing my 25th Screenplay. It is based on a true story.

Plot Summary

A screenwriter that was wronged by many makes a large fortune from his work and spends a portion of the proceeds achieving revenge in various ways.

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The Four Eleven

  • I have authored and sold 23 Screenplays and just finished the 24th which sold for only $11M
  • Maria and I celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary this month.
  • My parents had box seats next to Jack Klugman and I’m having interesting dreams as a result.
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Gog Trip

This gallery contains 64 photos.

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Ghost Park 2

Ghost Park 2

Ghost Park Too

Ghost Park 2

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Ghost Park Theme

Ghost Park Song

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Vintage Musical Instruments Trivia


Back in the late 1970’s I started to spend a great deal of time at musical instrument stores. Being the only child out of three children in my family to ever work for my father’s company (Davis Rubber Co.) I was very lucky to have been able to have the financial ability to use and obtain so many pieces of historic music equipment. Even before I was old enough to drive, my father brought me around to help him and also meet everyone that was important to the company and as a result, he was always generous. Thanks to his generosity I also was able to have my own studio and work at many world-class recording studios.

Even though I have been involved in music since I was only a few years old when I asked for and was gifted a “Sears Best” ToRoDoR blue-sparkle drum kit for Xmas, I still worked for DRC up until and even several years after my father’s passing in 2000. Musically, the list of people I have worked with and performed with over the years is quite impressive and again, I am very grateful and appreciative for being so lucky. People aside, the list of musical equipment I have been able to use is equally notable.

Rather than list an entire catalog of instruments used here, I thought it would be interesting and educational to give a few examples of some trivia that most people are not aware of. Starting off with music instrument dealers; most of them would offer “rentals” to make additional income for the stores and simultaneously hope that if you “tried” the equipment, you would buy it. 1980 was really the dawn of the electronic musical instrument age with so many new ideas emerging in the industry you had to be an expert just to keep up. It almost became a game of knowing all the numbers and letters.

I remember renting many pieces that were sent to the top music stores by the manufacturers that were “dealer demos” and were not available for purchase immediately. The stores would usually have two of each; one for the sales floor and one for rent until actual “production models” were shipped. It was often a waiting game just to use the “only one for rent” if you were not lucky enough to be the first to get your hands on one the day it arrived at a store.

Some of the equipment never even actually went into the “production” stage by a manufacturer and even more were different from the first “two” each store received when they did go into production. I remember “renting” pieces and when the production inventory arrived at a store, I bought one, brought it home and upon unboxing, it was totally different from the “rental” piece I had been using.

One example of a dealer demo versus a changed production piece that sticks out in my mind is the 1980 Roland TR-808. The first one I used was because I was lucky enough to be at the top music store in Boston the morning they received their “two” dealer demos. I rented it for quite some time and when I brought it back, the production models had come in and they had sold the “floor model” which was one of the original two. The floor model now on display (and is the one that everybody is now familiar with)  was nothing like the rental I was returning.

This phenomena was not just limited to musicians themselves, but to some studios as well. One of the studios that comes to mind is the now-defunct Unique Recording Studios in NYC. I originally chose them to record at because they were a virtual music store in and of themselves. What they didn’t already have could be obtained at (also defunct) Manny’s Music as a rental. The studio had a close relationship with Manny’s and could get the use of some pieces before anyone ever had a chance to see one, let alone use one.

Unique Recording Studio

Photo courtesy of Unique’s Facebook Page.

Interestingly enough, at the time of this writing, apparently even the entire building that used to house Unique is now just a memory. Fortunately, most of the vintage musical instruments are not….that is if you are lucky enough to get your hands on them.


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Cursed Roller Coaster

They don’t build ’em like they used to

Ghost Park Movie

One of the haunted roller coasters purchased by Horizons Crest Development Company.

The above photo was taken by a bystander just as the roller coaster accident took place.

A new type of amusement park is about to open but there is one problem….


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Ghost Park

I am very excited and proud to announce that I am engaged in writing “Ghost Park” which is an original film screenplay.

Ghost Park Plot

A development company named Horizons Crest has just entered the amusement park industry, but instead of trying to compete with the large theme and amusement parks, the owners are targeting a new market. Realizing that the industry is already heavily saturated, Horizons Crest believes they can cash in on the hordes of ride enthusiasts and amusement park nostalgia buffs by purchasing old rides inexpensively at auctions for defunct parks.

During construction of the park, strange occurrences begin happening. The workers report seeing “apparitions” and several construction mishaps take place. Eventually the park opens to record-breaking profits but at what cost? A series of “sightings” followed by deaths happen on the park’s key rides: The Roller Coasters. The park “temporarily” closes while the incidents are investigated.

As word gets out that the park is haunted, a team of paranormal investigators are brought in after the safety investigation finds that the rides are safe and structurally sound. What the team of ghost hunters find is extremely disturbing and they trace their findings back to deaths that occurred on the rides before they were purchased “cheaply” at the auctions. The only way to save the park is to make “direct contact” with the original accident victims.

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Free Expert Advice


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George V Peter

Even though my Wife and I have not lived in New England for quite some time, we still embrace some of the nostalgia. Both of our families enjoyed watching The NBC Mystery Movie. This wheel format NBC/Universal joint venture eventually spawned a clone of the umbrella series known as The NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie. One of the three new shows added was Banacek.

Although based in “Boston” and heavily Massachusetts Themed, the majority of the production of Banacek took place on the Universal backlot in Los Angeles. There was still enough actual footage of Boston and surrounding areas to have locals feel a strong connection to the program. So yes, Banacek is riddled with nostalgia for us.

Without doubt, the better of all of The NBC Mystery Movies was Columbo. But wait….. we feel Banacek was a close 2nd, if not a tie for 1st Place. Banacek had it’s very own dedicated theme song and opener:


Not only dedicated complete with theme music, the opener changed slightly on each episode.

The two things that kept Banacek held back from surpassing Columbo is:

1. Banacek got derailed at the start of the Third Season when George bailed on the production to keep a greedy ex-wife from extorting additional funds from their divorce agreement. A perfect example of how one greedy individual can victimize so many people since the show never resumed production and there would have been more shows for all to enjoy if it had.

2. Although well received by industry professionals, Banacek fell short of Columbo’s ratings. The average person could identify with the “Cop” persona of Columbo over the cultured, tasteful, classy and well educated image of Banacek. Columbo dressed like a homeless street bum and Banacek dressed in finery. Columbo drove a Toilet-On-Wheels and Banacek (when not being chauffeured) piloted a 1941 Packard Custom Super Eight One Eighty Darrin Convertible. Banacek was truly a program for the One Percent.

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Memory Lane

What Have I Done Now ? or Oh NO! Not THAT!!!

Back in the days of yore, after eating at York’s

York Steak House

York Steak House

which was not too far from Cheryl Lynn WhoreAslut’s house, I was gifted a purchase made at Woolworth’s

Five and Dime

Woolworth’s Five and Dime

at the (Static) Natick Mall.

Natick Massachusetts

(Static) Natick Mall (Fine Goods for Massholes)

It wasn’t any ordinary toy like Eddie’s Wolfie Doll,

Eddie Munster

Eddie and Wolfie

or a life-like psychopathic sociopath doll that some whore-in-training might play with.

Whore Doll

Generic Whore Doll Hoe Toy

This was the Holy Grail of all $1.98 Action Man Figures. I named him Gog (because “God” was politically incorrect and I think I’m an Atheist) due to his removable Goggles (not to be confused with Google) and on lazy days, I called him “G” for short.


Gog (Gogs, Googs, Goggles, Google, Googles, Googly Eyes, Google Head, Google Brain, G) preparing to become fully birthed from his blister pack for a lifetime of adventures.

When not sleeping in his secret laboratory near Koblenz, Gog could be found on beaches (often with sand up his butt-crack) and at the Captain’s Table on many cruise ships. On weekends, Gog spent time studying for his covert operations as a soldier that could kill only by his bare hands and swim morning laps in the venetian pool. During Spring Break, Gog still vacations in the 13th Floor Al Capone Suite not too far from Miami Beach.


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Roland TR 808 Serial Number 1

Roland Corp.

TR 808 Serial #1

Roland TR-808 Serial Number 1

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Iconic Break

Iconic Break

The Legendary PC taking a break to enjoy some coffee in Coral Gables Florida in 1975. My Wife and I have been watching several movies starring the late great actor. We have actually been discussing the idea of visiting a location from one of the movies in August.

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I Double Checked

I Double Checked and it’s the Same Old Shit.

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American You

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Subliminal Messages

Chevrolet Camaro

1979 Z28 Shift Console


Serial #C20H25N3O

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No Conscience

Truth or Consequence

No Conscience

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Meal Hours

Meal Time

Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner


Breakfast 7:30 AM – 9 AM

Luncheon 12:15 PM – 2 PM

Dinner 6:30 PM – 8 PM

(Extended Dinner Hours and Brunch Hours posted accordingly)

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Investing In Art

Investing in Art can be a lucrative activity if done properly. The first objective when selecting your investment is to make sure that the piece(s) are authentic. If you are commissioning a living artist to create a specific piece, you will want to have it delivered with provenance that certifies authenticity. When you go to insure the piece(s) and if/when you engage in the transfer of ownership, you will be required to show that the Art is genuine.

Types of Art to invest in should be gauged in aesthetics if you plan on using said pieces for personal decorative display. If you plan on having the works make the rounds for public consumption which can often be a beneficial write-off, personal taste is obviously less of a concern.


“Dolphy” Specifically Commissioned for the Marco Wing.


“Sea Goddesses” Specifically commissioned for the Ocean Wing.


“The Ray” Specifically commissioned for the Ocean Wing.

Glenn Scott Davis

Enjoying the Naples Room in the Ocean Wing with custom designed “Paradise” Art Piece in the background.

As you can see, specifically commissioned pieces are a great way to enjoy a collection and make a perfect addition to compliment any vintage or historic works that you have invested in.


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Young At Heart

Young At Heart 2015 Warner Davis (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.)

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Having attained the ceremonial nods by the powers that be and gifted the luxury of an unrestrained time budget, I have elected to embark upon a venture to ensure “Young At Heart” is unparagoned.

At the outset, I wanted to convey the concept just based on the title, but now engage in updates which serve to make the record evolve into an undeniable Masterwork. The title evokes the thoughts of feeling young at any age, yet in fact, it is about Psychopathy and Sociopaths. There are no known effective treatments to cure a Psychopath and as a result, they never psychologically mature and therefore permanently remain incapable of “Having a Heart” or the ability to Love. So yes, they will forever be Young at Heart.

One of the recent and more important upgrades is the introduction of the infantile cries of a baby placed at strategic points in the composition. Placing it by the word “Morgue” is a key element that drives home the fact that a Psychopath is emotionally dead from the first breath in life until the last. They never really live, they just exist in a depressed dark and gloomy world of torture and torment while practicing inperfidiousness at every turn. Essentially they are deceased at the moment of birth.

Another sign that I am ebullient in making “Young At Heart” anomalistic is my attention to every detail from beginning to end. Shifting single notes in high resolution and employing Langstonjvers Methods on notation Veitler overlay are among just a few examples of the advanced theory involved in this record. In addition to placing Maestoso yet Quodlibet Sinfonietta phrases as part of the arranging techniques, there are multiple submixes utilizing Stravinsky Retrograde inversion that are aurally so subliminal and cryptic that they are only discernible by the most advanced musical genius.

In addition to digital editing, I am also using analog media which is copied and slaved until the final stages as not to degrade audio performance as I learned many years ago from some of the techniques utilized on Michael Jackson records. There will be no lapse of quality and thought in the composition and production of this Record.



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Home Decor

It’s not just a house, it’s your home. There are many ways you can add to the enjoyment of life and time spent when you are home. Beautiful Home Decor can be achieved easily, inexpensively and best of all, you can have fun doing it.

Keeping things simple not only adds to the charm and ambiance of the areas you are decorating, but it also highlights curiosities. Just about any item can make for a great conversation piece and placement is really up to you as long as you don’t detract from the theme you are shooting for. For example, in our beach home, my Wife and I decided on keeping things understated to retain that easy-going and care-free feeling that we get from living by the ocean.

Home Decor

Color matching and simplicity are key elements.

To highlight our Delft Lamp we chose items that corresponded with it’s theme and colors by placing shells we collected this week and a dolphin pair figurine. The shells were complimentary of course and the figurine was gifted to us by a friend, so they make perfect conversation pieces while simultaneously gracing this area. Being a yachtsman, I also strategically placed nautical keepsakes that blend seamlessly with the feel of this home.

A perfect way to dress up walls is to frame photos you have taken and is a great way to add contrast without taking away from a color theme. If you look at the two photos below, you will see that the colors are contrasted, but the theme is identical and the colors compliment each other.


The colors blend with the table display.


The colors add a smooth, comfortable and warm contrast while keeping to the theme.

Adding live plants is another effective decorative accent and we chose Phoenix roebelenii and Serenoa repens bonsai. So, as you can see, it’s a blast to decorate and can be done with ease!

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Happy New Year Dahlings! My Wife and I had a stellar 2014 and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! I rounded out the end of twenty fourteen by completing “Young At Heart” which is a record about psychopaths (they are incapable of loving anyone and there is no cure) hence the title.

2015 is off to a great start and I am putting the finishing touches on my Fire Safety System so that it can transition into the final stages of development and testing and become ANSI Certified. On a personal note; we are thoroughly enjoying the sub-tropics and are not far from the southernmost point in the United States! Nothing says living like palm trees, ocean breezes and warm temperatures.

Peace and Good Health for 2015

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Not Private

I am going to start using my Tumblr as a “Not Private” Diary/Journal/Blog Thingy. I will say what is on my mind without fail and I am not holding back anything. My Wife is cool with it, so it’s official!

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Good For You

Toast and Tea

Tea and Toast

Good for You

Good For You

Tea and Toast. Good for You.

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Dining Room Closed



Dining Room Closed. Closed.

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The Twins

Happy Birthday to my favorite twins; Vicky and Becky. Miss you and love you guys!

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Tis the Season

Tis the Season

Holiday Overload

‘Tis the Season for a tryptophan induced food coma.

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Inane Question

The reason why Prince deleted his Social Media Accounts should be obvious to even a fetus.




T-8 SV and Cards



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Extremely Valuable Information

My Wife and I suggest you protect yourself. You may be a victim and not even know it. Search “Psychopath” and “Sociopath” for more information. Arm yourself with knowledge and awareness. Avoid dangerous individuals and potentially hazardous situations.

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Here is the deal Everybody:

We have pulled most of the already released portion of the Library for re-mixing and re-mastering. What we have been working on is deciding on the new release format(s) for the entire catalog. In total, I have over one thousand titles to date. We are keeping previously released “Albums” intact including “World Record” which was released to set a World Record back in 2011.

Since everything will be a digital release, we have been in discussions involving a digital “Multi-Disc” single album format where you could purchase the entire works for a bulk price, but due to the size of the catalog, this is not viable. Another option we entertained was multiple volumes or albums, but from a total bulk pricing standpoint, that also does not make sense. So, we have decided to release each track as a single “Album” and let each retailer decide the pricing.

We have just started releasing titles, so it will take some time until the entire Library of Works is available with each retailer. Please note that some titles may take longer to become available depending on which part of the world you are in. Thank you for your patience and support and we trust you will enjoy what has taken great effort and time to produce for you.


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New Book and Music

Great News Everyone! At the recent urging by my Wife, I have been writing a New Book in my spare time. The book chronicles my escape from multiple Psychopaths throughout my life and particularly focuses on events from May 2009 up to my final escape, when I met and married my Wife Maria. The book is non-fiction and completely based on true events. The work is nearing completion and will be published as an eBook that will be distributed on Amazon. Price and publish date will be posted publicly as soon as details become available.

This month also marks some changes regarding my extensive Music Catalog. You will notice that some prior releases will no longer be available for purchase as they are being re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released. In addition, all material that has never been released for purchase will soon be available world-wide through your favorite music retailer.

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This Explains It

My Wife and I love this quote from Dr. G Simon:

Most disturbed characters don’t hear that little voice in their heads that urge most of us to do right or admonish most of us when we’re contemplating doing wrong. They don’t “push” themselves to take on responsibilities, and don’t “arrest” themselves when they want to do something they shouldn’t do. If they do hear that little voice, they can silence (or “compartmentalize”) it with great ease. But for many disturbed characters, that voice is quite weak in the first place. In the most severe disturbances of character, conscience is not simply weak, underdeveloped, or flawed, but absent altogether. Even the capacity to form a conscience is sometimes nonexistent. Dr. Robert Hare aptly named his book about the most severely disordered character, the psychopath, Without Conscience. It’s hard to imagine there are individuals with no conscience at all. That’s one of the main reasons such people are able to prey upon others. Very few can believe that the person they’ve been dealing with is as heartless or remorseless as they intuitively might suspect.

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October Is Fun

Welcome to October! Many things come to mind when it comes to October. What most people think of is trick-or-treating, candy and dressing up in wild costumes. Festive Finery and bags of goodies aside, here is a pictorial Top 4 for your October enjoyment!


October is The Halloween Pumpkin


October is Scary Movies

Spooky Music

No Scary Movie is complete without it. October is Spooky Music


October is Fun




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Going To UOE

It will be very refreshing to play the drums again live with my good friends from Air Supply whom I have not seen since the Rik Tinory days. I am also VERY excited to be going throughout the month of September to UOE so I can visit with fellow Warner Bros. Employee Ellen DeGeneres. My Wife has never been there before and she is jumping with joy!

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Top 5

My Wife and I picked out our Top 5 favorite photos from the last week in August and here they are!







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Bumpy NOT Bumpy

Glenn Davis Doctor G


Glenn Scott Davis

NOT Bumpy

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24 August

Two years ago in my Hometown of Weston, Massachusetts, I married my Wife Maria. I am truly the most fortunate man. A happy marriage to the perfect spouse is the essence of perfection.

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