Favorite Lydian Bass Line

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9992926265455A212B188666 143

  • Windmill
  • Barn
  • Willow
  • Yellow
  • Mangle
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Mello Yello

Mellow Yellow

Mello Yello

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Most Valuable Air

Most Valuable Air in the World

Most Valuable Air

The secret entrance to a vault where the most valuable air in the world is stored.

You need to be good to air. It’s what you inhale to continue to live. The Society of Air Management (SAM) reports that every day air is routinely abused. Affectionately called Ayer sometimes, air is an important resource.

Some tips to be nice to Ayer

Never burn it. When you use a heater you are burning the air. You wouldn’t want someone to ram a flaming hot branding iron up your areas would you? Abstain from turning up the thermostat!

Don’t freeze it. Air can freeze very easily. Do not run those air conditioners or freezers. It’s not fun being cold, so remember, be responsible and respectful.

Finally, Ayer cannot use band aids. Don’t use a fan because it slices it up. Yup, cuts it to shreds! Also, remember; if you can’t be goofy and have fun enjoying life, you’re either flumped or might as well be.

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Glenn Scott Davis


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Health and Wealth

Successful Living. Health and Happiness. Expanding an Empire. Here’s how it’s done:


A low-fat diet combined with proper sleep is essential. Slumber is best achieved at sea, on the hook, or tied to the slip. Darkness and quiet is also paramount during sleep cycles. It is vital to have specially constructed quarters that shield out all unwanted and unhealthy interference such as microwaves/EMF and other sinister nastiness. Balanced exercise is the final ingredient and natation is the superior selection.


Simply put; Buy low and sell high. When purchasing certain investments, the use of shell companies (Disney utilized this in real estate transactions) is a must.

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Glenn. Scott. Davis.

Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn. Scott. Davis. #3

2018 May Number 3 on the Poem Hunter List.

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If You Swaller A Quat

What ever the rine didn’t kill, the hol will.

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Current Net Worth

Yields and Gains

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Partially Sponsored by

Berkshire Hathaway

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G Ess Dee


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1st C L ASS

First Class

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Press question mark to see available shortcut keys


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For Twenti


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S E X Brand/LOGO

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Glenn Davis Doctor G

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TardalayTHERE. IS. NO. CURE.

Tardalay is a true story about women born with sociopathy and psychopathy.

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Enhancing Life

Enhance a perfect life with Her.

The Most Glenn Davis Doctor G and Her

Her and Glenn Scott Davis

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WOW. Most humbling indeed! Thank you and congratulations to all those who made it possible. 🙂

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Inside Her

As far and deep as possible.

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We 1

We One

We Won.

We One.

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True Love Always

True Love Always

True Love Always

TLA Got it and it’s priceless! 🙂 (-:

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I Love You

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Glenn Scott Davis Images

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Scott Davis

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Always Known Better

Always Known Better
Glenn Davis Doctor G

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Glenn Scott Davis ZA1

Glenn Davis Doctor G

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I am Yours


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What’s in a name?

Frank, Dean and Sammy referred to me as “The Kid” and it doesn’t end there. Here is an abbreviated list of some of my Nicks over the years:

  • Face
  • The Baby
  • Bunny
  • Scotty
  • Devilish
  • Gleen
  • Mister D
  • Scoots
  • Captain G
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Glenn’s Adventures

When I first met John Herbert “Jackie” Gleason, he treated me with respect. Later on, I met him at one of his birthday celebrations in Miami during the early 1970’s and I said: “Remember me Sir, at Elbow Beach Bermuda?” Mr. Gleason replied: “Get away from me son, you bother me”.

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Here I Am

This is where I am.

This is where I am

I am Here


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Superior Intellectual Resources

A mildly interesting short video regarding the subject of superior intellectual resources.

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Glenn Scott Davis Image

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Scott Davis

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You Miss Me

Yu Miss Me {YuMM)

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Glenn Davis Doctor G

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100 Percent GSD

100% GSD

A Hundred Percent Glenn Scott Davis

Nothing in this section shall be construed to affirm, deny, expand, or contract any legal status or legal right applicable to any member of the species homo sapiens at any point prior to being “born alive” as defined in this section.

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Life Owner’s Manual

Owners Manual for Life

Life Owner’s Manual
Glenn Scott Davis

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Glenn Davis Doctor G

lower than the lowest of all lows

Cover Art for the Musical Definition of a Psychopath.

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Sheet Music

Barry Gray Manuscript

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Glenn Scott Davis

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Deep Pockets

Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis Doctor G
“Deep Pockets”

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Glenn Scott Davis


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‘Pussycats’ Glenn Scott Davis

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Adventures of Pumpkin

Pumpkin's Adventures

The Star of “Adventures of Pumpkin”

Episode 1

‘Pumpkin’s Adventure’

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Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy & prosperous 2018.

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Glenn Scott Davis


Notable Relatives:


A.A. Milne

Lucille Ball

Katharine Hepburn

Jay Leno

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Permanent Holiday

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Scott Davis
“Permanent Holiday”

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Final Score

TTL (Total Time Living) + TLA (Total Life Accomplishments) – TM (Total Mistakes) = Final Score

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Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Scott Davis

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Glenn Davis

Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis

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Glenn Davis Doctor G

Death Corp

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Few Near All


Few Near All

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Morgue Corp

Morgue Corp

Morgue Corp

Morgue Corp (MC) Multi Conglomerate

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G L enn Da Vis D oKt o R G

G L E N N S COTT D A V i 5

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Photograph of Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Photograph of Glenn Scott Davis

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Glenn Scott Davis Picture

Glenn Davis Doctor G

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YOUEFOH Glenn Davis Doctor G

Physical Attributes: Sound (audio) Recording

Status: Complete

Release Information: Private Release

Record Label: Warner Bros. Records

Copyright: 2017 WMG


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Glenn Scott Davis Beach

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Scott Davis Beach

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Nice Guys Finish First

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Scott Davis 79579412
“Nice Guys Finish First”
Glenn Davis Doctor G

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Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Scott Davis


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Neck and Neck

Time Warner


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Sitting by my swimming pool looking at photo albums.

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Other Lifeform


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No Rafting Zone

No Rafting

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Fifteen Hundred Seventy Seven minus Nine Hundred Eleven

Fifteen Hundred Seventy Seven minus Nine Hundred Eleven

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Six Sixty Six


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Posted on October 9 2017

Posted on 9 October 2017

Posted on October 9 2017

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Three Three Zero North North West


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-70.8036544 42.2417675

-70.8036544 42.2417675

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A Dywedais wrthych chwi

A Dywedais wrthych chwi

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The Horse can walk and run

If they’re so inclined to.

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Hello There





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Hey Yoo

Hey Pooh

After a complete Columbo-Like Research and Rockford Files type of Investigation, I have confirmed A.A. Milne is my close relative.

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Than kINg You

Than kINg You

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Glenn Scott Davis Won

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Lucky Number


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Be Seeing You

Glenn Davis Doctor G

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Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen?

If I have to, I will.

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Thank You Very Very Much

Thank You Very Very Much.

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Worlds Longest Yacht Swimming Pool Time

Now that I have reset the world’s record for longest music album (Music by Glenn Davis Doctor G) 4432 tracks, I have decided to embark on a new challenge. This year I plan on setting a world record for the longest time spent in a superyacht/mega yacht swimming pool. All funds generated by this feat will be donated to charity.

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Glenn Davis Doctor G Music

Glenn Davis Doctor G Music

Physical Attributes: Music Album

Format: Cassette Tape

Number of Tracks: Four Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Two

Record Label: Warner Bros.

Release Date: 2017

Artist: Glenn Davis Doctor G / Glenn Scott Davis

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Seven Twenty Nine Six One Three Two

8537019888 818

Four Five Nine

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Super Deluxe Perfect Days

Have a super-deluxe perfect day today and every day.

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We got three bunnies.

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Having Fun

Have Fun

Having fun with the new pool chaise lounger, sunglasses and swimwear.

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A Few Hours to Go


Vinyl only. Not available online.

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Perfect Hair

Best Hair

Wife has the perfect hair.

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To Cruise or Not to Cruise?

To Cruise



Not to Cruise

Not to Cruise

Not Cruise

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One of Those

One of those, please. Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome. Have a nice day. You too.

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2017th Record

Glenn Davis Doctor G

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Nea 9 hs J3 iyd66 wenn 7 89 ve

T5 FDE e **8

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We Should probably Cruise

We Should probably Cruise.

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Glenn Scott Davis Foundation

We have proudly just formed the Glenn Scott Davis Foundation. Inquiries may be directed to:

GSDF Elliott Financial Building Newton, MA 02464

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Glenn Davis Doctor G Island

Glenn Scott Davis

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The Winner Is

The format is undoubtedly “clearer, crisper and cleaner”

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llun gorau

Any one they not in.

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A Heart

Heart shaped cloud

Was going through snaps we took the other day and my wife spotted a heart!

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Islands Acquisition

My wife and I are examining the acquisition of additional islands.

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I Am Lucky

It took me over half a century to find my wife in 2012. I never stop appreciating her. I am also lucky that I never went to jail, was never murdered and kept my finances safe.

Published on Sep 27, 2016
“Dear Sandman After listening to your walking on egg shells video it is clear to me that you are seeing more than just female nature in play. Two years ago I found out about something called cluster B personality, Histrionic, Narcissistic and Borderline disorders. I had a significant other that had to take the MMPI-2 test and be reviewed by a psychiatrist. To be fair I went and had the same personality test done on me out of curiosity. What was important is I learned that everyone has personality traits but when they become destructive they move to a category called a disorder. The real key is most of us never even know this stuff exists and frankly the psychological world under diagnoses this stuff since most with these issues will never go and get tested. The US military spent amazing amount of money to figure out relationships and found that all healthy love relationships work the same way. First you meet and form a basic bond. With time you develop understanding and it moves to friendship. Then with understanding you develop empathy, which then allows for forgiveness. Forgiveness gives way to trust and that leads to a healthy loving relationship. The problem is most of the relationships you speak about fail at the empathy level. Empathy is tricky as you can lose it due to the physical impact of damage to the brain during development, bad development or heavy metals and that is often seen as psychopathic behavior. A sociopath is when you suppress empathy because of learned response to abuse or other negative social impacts. Think holocaust victims. I share all of this because in almost every one of your descriptions of women you are pointing to the lack of empathy. Take a look at the below links and read what its like to live with these type of people. I would recommend any man in a relationship read those pages and get out of that relationship as fast as they can do safely if they can relate to any of the descriptions as they have no drugs or cure for this stuff. I would guess a majority of MGTOW men are dealing with these kind of women and our society with Princess training is breeding these type of women in mass in the big cities. Women with these array of disorders are only capable of seeing men as a utility because empathy is not present.
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Ru Fer real
Ru Fer real4 months ago
Mental women? So, normal women.
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Ru Fer real
Ru Fer real4 months ago
+Daniel Hobgen; not sure if you’re trolling or you’re unaware that you are either male or female, regardless of being a transvestite, not both.
Reply 1
Bobby Ingram
Bobby Ingram4 months ago
Damn you took the words right out my mouth I was getting ready to say “I all thought women were mental” good job man 👍👍
Ru Fer real
Ru Fer real4 months ago
Daniel, sorry I meant trans gender. Typo.
Kenneth 209
Kenneth 2094 months ago (edited)
vegas1a1 month ago
MENTAL WOMEN = the ultimate oxymoron.
Reply 1
fucker nine
fucker nine4 months ago
Mental woman is an oxymoron. just say woman. it accomplishes the same thing
Reply 65
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Nick C.
Nick C.4 months ago
+Roman Fox French. Not from Europe though, but Canada.
Roman Fox
Roman Fox4 months ago
+Nick C. how different is French Canadian from European Canadian? Been there?

Much much colder in the French part of Canada, right?

Very different culture? What carries over? Most foods? Etiquette?

I always hear people are very uppity about people speaking French if they don’t do it well.
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Sam Fitt
Sam Fitt4 months ago
A man with a mental illness is a villain. A woman with a mental illness is a victim. Sane or insane women scare me to stay away they can flip on a dime and lose their mind. The more I know about females the more I avoid them.
Reply 57
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Lion of Mgtow
Lion of Mgtow4 months ago
These days you can’t tell which trollop is a sociopath or a narcissist.
Reply 53
jpm4 months ago
Actually, a lot of cluster B personality disorders can appear charming. Harvey Cleckley in his book, “The Mask of Sanity” describes this with one type, the psychopath. You would’ve loved being a neighbor with Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy (both known psychopaths) because they can be very pleasant on a superficial level and could appear to be pillars of the community. Narcissistic and Histrionic individuals routinely use charm to satisfy their needs for attention. People with Borderline Personality Disorder also have can appear very loving at times but the relationships are more like, “I hate you, don’t leave me” and you might feel you are always walking on egg-shells.

But as sandman pointed out, this is on a continuum rather than discrete periods of mental dysfunction. Personality disorders are not mental illnesses and with Cluster B, options are limited.

Keep in mind that there are cluster A and Cluster C personality disorders but that is NOT what Sandman is talking about. The Cluster A types tend to be excentric and loners. Cluster C has are more anxious.
Read more
Reply 9
SavMacCauley4 months ago
The phrase “‘mental’ women” is redundant.
Reply 42
enkhe-amgalano b
enkhe-amgalano b4 months ago
i like the taste of red pills in the morning.
Reply 27
Devion Colford
Devion Colford4 months ago
I second this
Reply 4
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous4 months ago
All women are born with manipulative and deceiving characteristics. It is simply the fact that most women realize the powers they possess, and the rest don’t realize it YET. AWALT.
Reply 28
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Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous4 months ago
+MasterB8ing Monkey I’m not too much of a Spurs guy, I like the Rockets.
Alva Goldbook
Alva Goldbook4 months ago
Women are sociopaths. They’re incapable of giving a damn about anyone but themselves. So you shouldn’t give a damn about them either.
Reply 26
Issac Kaiser
Issac Kaiser4 months ago (edited)
You are correct Mr. Goldbook.

Over the coming decades women need to make a choice: Be a real Woman (of value to all, especially her children) or be a post-modern cultural bottom feeder who leaves a wide swath of destruction behind her every move.
Read more
Reply 2
Harry Schultze
Harry Schultze4 months ago
I have never met a sane woman.
Reply 26
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Lumir G Janku
Lumir G Janku4 months ago
Dating matrix starts with women being on 4/10 level crazy at the least. 5/10-6/10 is average.
Reply 1
Nunyer Byzness
Nunyer Byzness2 weeks ago
Harry Schultze Hear ya! I’ ve rarely seen a man who doesn’ t cheat..who works regularly, or can manage finances these days. Why would any woman feaar that. You cretins deserve eachother if you think all women are like this. I’ ve been married 30 years to a great guy. I really feel sorry for you guys.
Dean Fambro
Dean Fambro4 months ago
I just got out of a 12 year relationship with a woman that suffered from multiple cluster b personality disorders. There is no cure and these women are dangerous and destructive. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!!
Reply 22
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Dean Fambro
Dean Fambro4 months ago
No its not. I am antisocial too. But if you are referring to a personality disorder you need to look up the definition of the Antisocial Personality Disorder in the DSM V. It is not the same thing.
Reply 1
jamesandrew621 month ago
I found some good youtube videos by “Spartan life coach”, on cluster B and Complex-PTSD, explaining how to recover from close relationships with these people, they help untangle some of the crap we have to go through & return sanity after years of toxic mind games.
Reply 1
Shlomo Shechem
Shlomo Shechem4 months ago
I’m very skeptical of main stream psychology and its categories of “disorders”. I find the analysis of female nature we’re doing here in MGTOW is far superior. The idea of “men projecting male nature onto females” is an important concept and I’ve never heard it voiced anywhere but in MGTOW. Its the beginning of an objectivity about our situation and a clarity about what female nature is all about.
Read more
Reply 18
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Andrew Novak
Andrew Novak4 months ago
Shlomo Shechem I agree Schlomo. My ears also pricked up when Sandman stated this. It is something I have been becoming more and more aware of. Indeed, we do well to not assume that traits more natural to men are also present in women. Perhaps our projections result from the incessant feminist social conditioning we have been subjected to from birth, which tells us that we are the same (“equal”), which is complete BS. It’s liberating to break out of the matrix and see things in their true light. Kind regards.
Read more
Reply 1
Jesse Waugh
Jesse Waugh4 months ago
Shlomo Shechem ‘Andromorphism’. That’s the word Sandman was looking for. Anthropo = human, andro = man, gyno = woman. Men have been gynomorphized by media propaganda, but we need to realize that we andromorphize women.
Reply 1
Epyion Khreschendo
Epyion Khreschendo4 months ago (edited)
these type of women tend to raise the blind as a bat red flag. ANY mental illness that a woman has whether past or even in the present and possibly the future will put any man in danger. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!
Reply 11

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Shirley Jones

I am worried about Shirley Jones.

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King of Wales

According to ancestral records, I am the King of Wales.

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Glenn Scott Davis

Pnisinflight Album Art

Pnisinflight Glenn Scott Davis

Side One

  1. Appronn
  2. Buumshale’
  3. Vetttus OoO
  4. Pepoosen
  5. Cunninglinguist part two

Side Two

  1. YesVes Blumptene
  2. Seenatisvx
  3. In Flight Service
  4. Ggghahh
  5. Pnisinflight
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Temporarily avoiding death

Glenn Scott Davis

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Kings of Wales family trees

Kings of Wales family trees

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Khufu ship

The ultimate funerary boat is Khufu ship, which was commissioned for King Cheops.

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Cluster B Bridge to Nowhere


Cluster B
Bridge to Nowhere

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Membership Card

member card

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Blue Riband and Hales Trophy

Blue Riband and Hales Trophy

The Blue Riband and Hales Trophy is the inspiration.

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Bleech Beach

I am the current owner of bleech beach.

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Red Circle

Cluster B

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Cellular Phones and Time Travel

Cellphones and Time Travel


There were no cellular phone towers in 1912.

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Friday the 13th

A month ago today, we cashed out just under eleven thousand shares of XOM purchased and privately held since 1981.

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Back From the Future

I am back from the future.

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Glenn Scott Davis Ah Ah Ha Ha

Glenn Scott Davis Ah Ah Ha Ha

Glenn Scott Davis
Ah Ah Ha Ha

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Count Me In

C M I 504

The majority of the footage was shot in France with additional production in Bermuda, Hawaii and at Bleech Beach on our private island.

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South Side

South Side

1458 Bleech Beach South Side!!!

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Time Machines for Sale

Time Machine For Sale


Time Machines 4 Sale

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Cashed out December 13 because sometimes it’s a lucky number.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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One of the MANY reasons my wife and I would never live anywhere the temperature reaches freezing. Also, more proof of the decline of human intelligence.

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Happy Holidays 2016

Merry Xmas

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Year End

Some of the December product offerings to end the year on a perfect note.

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This is what happens when one of the facility owners personally makes an appearance to make sure nobody has stolen your parking.

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Bleech Beach

Bleech Beach

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one twenty eight by three thirteen

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I knew this was going to happen.

TTE  Glenn Davis

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Glenn Davis Doctor G

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Glenn Scott Davis & Her


Her Supergirl, she’s no mudpuppet.

The oh so sweet and soothing sounds of Her feels right.

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Lord V

His Majesty

His Majesty Lord V

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Peter Chernin

Peter is a good man.

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Another Perfect Day

Perfect Day

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Very Big News

Now Playing Everywhere 


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Glenn Scott Davis Ten Thirty One

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Cliff Coaster

Cliff Roller Coaster

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Ha Ha Ha


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Where is the Hat?

where is the hat

LJ Plympton (Broker) sitting next to “The Hat” on the newly acquired Gots Yots.

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The Smiler

The Smiler

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