Health and Wealth

Successful Living. Health and Happiness. Expanding an Empire. Here’s how it’s done:


A low-fat diet combined with proper sleep is essential. Slumber is best achieved at sea, on the hook, or tied to the slip. Darkness and quiet is also paramount during sleep cycles. It is vital to have specially constructed quarters that shield out all unwanted and unhealthy interference such as microwaves/EMF and other sinister nastiness. Balanced exercise is the final ingredient and natation is the superior selection.


Simply put; Buy low and sell high. When purchasing certain investments, the use of shell companies (Disney utilized this in real estate transactions) is a must.


About Glenn Davis Doctor G - Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis Doctor G - Born as: Glenn Scott Davis - Royal Welsh Family. International Artist - Warner Bros. Inventor, author, filmmaker and developer. Guinness, Gold and Platinum Record Awards. Member of Mensa. Owner of Burbank CA, Warner Bros. and all affiliated companies.
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