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What I Like

What I Like: Glenn Scott Davis & Her I’m looking for a buoy Because I know what Enough hate Am I go Anna? Withdrawn. Own. Cause I don’t Ease, I won’t help I never give back It’s not in my … Continue reading

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Glenn Davis Doctor of Philosophy

Glenn Davis Doctor of Philosophy

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GOD & Her

I will determine where you go when all is done I will decide your destiny, fate and your outcome What you did will come in question, I consider everything If you’ve been bad you’ll burn forever inside the flaming ring … Continue reading

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His and Hers

Does untriggered Calling on my friends or Am I really cool I know you already know I I am gone have a good day Swim Into the Club Feeling okay If you want, you can come with me Baby I … Continue reading

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Ampersand Her

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Yest Her Day

Use Today, Limit the Rescue.

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DOUGLAS Isle of Man Glenn Davis Doctor G Glenn Scott Davis Yungtomahok Her(s) (YIAG) wm

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CrabShaCk & wenCH EXPOSED

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Glenn Scott Davis Wales

Glenn Scott Davis, Wales

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Nine Six Three Two One.

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