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Paranormal Ghost Spirits Real Or Fake

The Truth Will Always Reveal Itself By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G Paranormal events and activities are real. Spirits (Ghosts) are real. It all ties in with the Afterlife with “witness to acts” used as evidence on Judgment Day being the main purpose. … Continue reading

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Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters By: GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G We are working with Ghost Hunter Jason Hawes and the Ghost Hunters (Taps) Team. Evidence to date has been dispatched.  The September 11 – 911 anniversary is right around the corner. The 100 … Continue reading

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Spirits Ghosts And Music

Spirits, Ghosts and Music By GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G Are you skeptical when it comes to ghosts? Whether you are, or are not is moot. The fact is that there is evidence if you look for it. We run a … Continue reading

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