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Collaborate With Any Artist Worldwide Via Cloud

The New Way To Make Records By GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G No, it’s not Star Trek or 2011 A Space Odyssey, but it is 2011, and a reality. Yes, through the miracle of cloud computing, it is now possible to … Continue reading

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On The Cutting Edge Of Technology

Technology With Teeth By GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G If you are into music, specifically making music, and even if you’re used to doing things old school, it’s virtually impossible to ignore new technology. I not only design and develop hardware … Continue reading

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Equally Tempered And Chromatic Scales

  Equal Temperament By GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G A ‘pure’ or ‘perfect’ interval is one in which a harmonic of one pitch beats very slowly with a different harmonic of the other pitch. After the octave (in which the second … Continue reading

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