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Music EQ

Don’t Touch That Dial! By GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G The music was equalized when it was recorded, mixed and mastered. So why do so many people insist on coloring the sound so much? Personal taste? Poor acoustics? The listener is … Continue reading

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A long time ago, when the world was new, people used to live and work in the same place. Some people worked at home, some nearby in the village. Children grew up knowing how their families worked, sharing troubles and … Continue reading

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Benefits and Importance of Music

What Music Does For The World And Life Itself By GLENN DAVIS DOCTOR G In order for animate and inanimate objects to exist, they require certain things to do so. Living things such as plants, animals and people need specific … Continue reading

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This Business of Music

What exactly is Music? We could say that music is a series of sounds that are organized over a period of time. You cannot have music without sounds and you cannot have the sounds without taking up time. It could … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind of a Superstar

Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a Superstar? Johnny Carson used to tell me “It’s a constant Tug-O-War between ego and being humble. The more successful you are, the greater the fight”

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Fortune 500 Album Cover

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