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Gordon Drive

Gordon Drive 34102 Oy I love thou (when you’re happy and you know it clap your hands)

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alle walle bale zschallee

alle walle bale zschallee Glenn Davis Doctor G

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glenn scott davis sewall road


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Port Royal

My Wife and I have arrived safely and shall be enjoying a fabulous giving thanks weekend in the Port Royal / Naples area.

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About AT

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i hate you more than everyone & everything

Glenn Scott Davis & Her “i hate you more than anyone & everything”

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Listened to Every Song on iTunes

Because We Did My Wife suggested downloading every song (every song by everyone who has published music as of 11/11/18) on iTunes and listening back to all of them at a certain speed as a single song. The playback event … Continue reading

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It’s All Haunted & Everything

Sooloobs (Spuffy) “It’s all haunted and everything”

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I Know You Love Me

  I Know You Love Me Glenn Scott Davis

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Lifeless Nurture Trash

Glenn Scott Davis featuring Clickclack “Lifeless That Nurture Trash”

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