Useful Advice

Useful Advice


Here are some tips and useful advice on how to live a better life:

1. Love, Honor and Cherish unconditionally.

2. Respect, appreciate and never take anything for granted.

3. Practice selflessness unconditionally.

4. Don’t kick puppies.

5. Don’t cut whiskers off of kittens.

6. Don’t pull horns off of unicorns.

About the Authors: Glenn and Joyce Davis are husband and wife and eternal soul mates.


About Glenn Davis Doctor G - Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis Doctor G - Born as: Glenn Scott Davis - Royal Welsh Family. International Artist - Warner Bros. Inventor, author, filmmaker and developer. Guinness, Gold and Platinum Record Awards. Member of Mensa. Owner of Burbank CA, Warner Bros. and all affiliated companies.
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  1. Denim says:

    Ah yes, nliecy put, everyone.

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