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Not condoning drinking, but if you must, do so responsibly. You can enjoy slim drinks that will keep you thin and trim. The Paw Paw Passion by Joyce Davis is one way to enjoy a great beverage and still look great. There are a wealth of new drink recipes including the Cherokee Dream Catcher and mix concoctions that won’t make you feel full and let you keep your shapely figure.

The facts about drink nutrition:

Caloric content in mixed beverages can exceed those of beer and wine in a rapid fashion. Here is the equation:

Measure of alcohol + proof + mixer + size of drink = Number of Calories

The higher the proof, the higher the calories. One shot (aprox. one and one half ounce) or “serving” of eighty proof anything equates to 96 calories prior to adding any additional ingredient. So to skip the mixer and drink on the rocks, you get the least fattening drink. Some tips to keep things in check when adding mixes are to use the right choices. Here are some suggestions:

Tea or coffee: 0 Calories

Lime and lemon juices: (half ounce) 10 Calories

Diet tonics or soda: 0 Calories

Other variations include water or club soda.

So yes, you can have your cake and eat it too as long as you make the right choices when it comes to your favorite beverage.


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