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Glenn Davis Doctor G - Born as: Glenn Scott Davis - Royal Welsh Family. International Artist - Warner Bros. Inventor, author, filmmaker and developer. Guinness, Gold and Platinum Record Awards. Member of Mensa.

Perfect Hair

Wife has the perfect hair. Advertisements

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To Cruise or Not to Cruise?

To Cruise or Not to Cruise

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One of Those

One of those, please. Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome. Have a nice day. You too.

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2017th Record

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Nea 9 hs J3 iyd66 wenn 7 89 ve

T5 FDE e **8

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We Should probably Cruise

We Should probably Cruise.

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Glenn Scott Davis Foundation

We have proudly just formed the Glenn Scott Davis Foundation. Inquiries may be directed to: GSDF Elliott Financial Building Newton, MA 02464

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Glenn Davis Doctor G Island

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The Winner Is

The format is undoubtedly “clearer, crisper and cleaner”

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llun gorau

Any one they not in.

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A Heart

Was going through snaps we took the other day and my wife spotted a heart!

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Islands Acquisition

My wife and I are examining the acquisition of additional islands.

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I Am Lucky

It took me over half a century to find my wife in 2012. I never stop appreciating her. I am also lucky that I never went to jail, was never murdered and kept my finances safe. Published on Sep 27, … Continue reading

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Shirley Jones

I am worried about Shirley Jones.

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King of Wales

According to ancestral records, I am the King of Wales.

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Pnisinflight Glenn Scott Davis Side One Appronn Buumshale’ Vetttus OoO Pepoosen Cunninglinguist part two Side Two YesVes Blumptene Seenatisvx In Flight Service Ggghahh Pnisinflight

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Temporarily avoiding death

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Kings of Wales family trees

Kings of Wales family trees

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Khufu ship

The ultimate funerary boat is Khufu ship, which was commissioned for King Cheops.

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Cluster B Bridge to Nowhere

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Membership Card

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Blue Riband and Hales Trophy

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Bleech Beach

I am the current owner of bleech beach.

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Red Circle

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Cellular Phones and Time Travel

There were no cellular phone towers in 1912.

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Friday the 13th

A month ago today, we cashed out just under eleven thousand shares of XOM purchased and privately held since 1981.

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Back From the Future

I am back from the future.

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Glenn Scott Davis Ah Ah Ha Ha

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The majority of the footage was shot in France with additional production in Bermuda, Hawaii and at Bleech Beach on our private island.

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South Side

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Time Machines for Sale

Time Machines 4 Sale

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Cashed out December 13 because sometimes it’s a lucky number. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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One of the MANY reasons my wife and I would never live anywhere the temperature reaches freezing. Also, more proof of the decline of human intelligence.

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Happy Holidays 2016

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Year End

Some of the December product offerings to end the year on a perfect note.

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This is what happens when one of the facility owners personally makes an appearance to make sure nobody has stolen your parking.

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Bleech Beach

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I knew this was going to happen. TTE  Glenn Davis

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Glenn Scott Davis & Her

The oh so sweet and soothing sounds of Her feels right.

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Lord V

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Peter Chernin

Peter is a good man.

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Another Perfect Day

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Very Big News

Now Playing Everywhere  at&t

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Cliff Coaster

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Ha Ha Ha


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Where is the Hat?

LJ Plympton (Broker) sitting next to “The Hat” on the newly acquired Gots Yots.

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The Smiler

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Summer All Year

It’s summer every single day of each year in all the places we live!

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Magic Mountain After Hours

Six Flags Magic Mountain After Hours was AWESOME.

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Abandoned Amusement Parks Movie

Abandoned Amusement Parks (2009) Movie Review TRT: 139 Minutes. Format: DVD (limited run OOP) Audio: Stereo.  Language: English Superb super-rare out-of-print movie about abandoned amusement parks. “Abandoned Amusement Parks” is in full color and just over two hours in length. It’s … Continue reading

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Greatest Composer of All Time

Something about his brushstrokes…..

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Little Miss Miracles

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Brain Tissue

Brain Tissue A Medical Journal By Maria Davis (MD)

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Welcome to Bermuda


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Life is Fun

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Home Sweet Home

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New England

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Pier 66

My Wife and I recently discovered that the iconic Pier 66 Marina was up for sale for $200M and we couldn’t resist going back to look. We slipped in to P66 and as usual, the staff and dockmaster were cheerful, … Continue reading

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Señor Frog’s Puerto Rico

I just scored this extremely cool shirt from Señor Frog’s in Puerto Rico!

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Scully Cove YC

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Gullet Point

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RE: WATN We received so many communiques from everybody, it crashed the email server!

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New Products

An abundance of new products are being released under the Glenn Davis Doctor G and Glenn Scott Davis  monikers. In addition to physical merchandise, new digital offerings include premium ring tones, Super HD singles and full-length SV albums. YTD over … Continue reading

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Public Announcement

If it’s fun, count me in.

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Mazagan beach resort, Pirates Well Bahamas, Maldives and last, but not least, Dubai.

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The Human Brain

The Human Brain

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Wild Life

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Time is running out

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Thank You

Thank You for making this year supreme! Whatever you may observe this time of year, best wishes and Happy Holidays! G

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God of Paradise

Welcome to the final month of 2015. The God of Paradise shall bestow love, health and good fortune to all those who deserve.

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Waste of Time

Naming good-for-nothing people is a useless  waste of valuable time. Signed, Glenn and Maria Davis

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1033 by 420

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It was extremely fun making this! Here are some supremely cool extras that we have decided to share:

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Interesting and Educational

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

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How to get what you need or want

There are many resources regarding the subject of how to get what you need or want, unfortunately they are convoluted and often go into a long opinion about the “Art of Asking” which is not necessarily required. There are some … Continue reading

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Google Scholar

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Sun Hat

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Warner Bros.

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be most fitting to share with you some of the more recent purported haunting of the Warner Lot in Burbank. There are many occurrences that come to mind, but I … Continue reading

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Point of It All

Before I even started writing Point of It All (completed 8 October 2015) which is my 26th Screenplay, I had researched some of the key elements extensively. As the work progressed, it became very clear that one of the main … Continue reading

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Golf Game

A few recent rounds of Golf at several Walt Disney World courses proved to yield the famous line “I haven’t been to bed this early since I was five years old” even though the staff tried their best to make … Continue reading

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Cicada 3301

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Twenty Five

I have just started writing my 25th Screenplay. It is based on a true story. Plot Summary A screenwriter that was wronged by many makes a large fortune from his work and spends a portion of the proceeds achieving revenge … Continue reading

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The Four Eleven

I have authored and sold 23 Screenplays and just finished the 24th which sold for only $11M Maria and I celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary this month. My parents had box seats next to Jack Klugman and I’m having interesting … Continue reading

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Gog Trip

This gallery contains 64 photos.

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Ghost Park 2

Ghost Park 2

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Ghost Park Theme

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Vintage Musical Instruments Trivia

DID YOU KNOW?? Back in the late 1970’s I started to spend a great deal of time at musical instrument stores. Being the only child out of three children in my family to ever work for my father’s company (Davis … Continue reading

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Cursed Roller Coaster

They don’t build ’em like they used to The above photo was taken by a bystander just as the roller coaster accident took place. A new type of amusement park is about to open but there is one problem…. THE … Continue reading

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Ghost Park

I am very excited and proud to announce that I am engaged in writing “Ghost Park” which is an original film screenplay. Ghost Park Plot A development company named Horizons Crest has just entered the amusement park industry, but instead … Continue reading

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Free Expert Advice

ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL CLIMATE Roads bard the seams bestow both spring and summer travel. The width and slack tide drawn hands be near menus. Sometime waters and foil drops Henderson splits bread beneath errands a tile. We car just opposed … Continue reading

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George V Peter

Even though my Wife and I have not lived in New England for quite some time, we still embrace some of the nostalgia. Both of our families enjoyed watching The NBC Mystery Movie. This wheel format NBC/Universal joint venture eventually … Continue reading

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Memory Lane

What Have I Done Now ? or Oh NO! Not THAT!!! Back in the days of yore, after eating at York’s which was not too far from Cheryl Lynn WhoreAslut’s house, I was gifted a purchase made at Woolworth’s at … Continue reading

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Roland TR 808 Serial Number 1

Roland TR-808 Serial Number 1

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The Legendary PC taking a break to enjoy some coffee in Coral Gables Florida in 1975. My Wife and I have been watching several movies starring the late great actor. We have actually been discussing the idea of visiting a … Continue reading

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I Double Checked

I Double Checked and it’s the Same Old Shit.

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American You

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Subliminal Messages

LSD Serial #C20H25N3O

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No Conscience

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Meal Hours

MEAL HOURS Breakfast 7:30 AM – 9 AM Luncheon 12:15 PM – 2 PM Dinner 6:30 PM – 8 PM (Extended Dinner Hours and Brunch Hours posted accordingly)

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Investing In Art

Investing in Art can be a lucrative activity if done properly. The first objective when selecting your investment is to make sure that the piece(s) are authentic. If you are commissioning a living artist to create a specific piece, you … Continue reading

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Young At Heart

Young At Heart 2015 Warner Davis (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.)

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Having attained the ceremonial nods by the powers that be and gifted the luxury of an unrestrained time budget, I have elected to embark upon a venture to ensure “Young At Heart” is unparagoned. At the outset, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Home Decor

It’s not just a house, it’s your home. There are many ways you can add to the enjoyment of life and time spent when you are home. Beautiful Home Decor can be achieved easily, inexpensively and best of all, you … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Dahlings! My Wife and I had a stellar 2014 and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! I rounded out the end of twenty fourteen by completing “Young At Heart” which is a record about … Continue reading

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Not Private

I am going to start using my Tumblr as a “Not Private” Diary/Journal/Blog Thingy. I will say what is on my mind without fail and I am not holding back anything. My Wife is cool with it, so it’s official!

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Good For You

Tea and Toast. Good for You.

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Dining Room Closed. Closed.

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The Twins

Happy Birthday to my favorite twins; Vicky and Becky. Miss you and love you guys!

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Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season for a tryptophan induced food coma.

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Inane Question

The reason why Prince deleted his Social Media Accounts should be obvious to even a fetus.    

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Extremely Valuable Information

My Wife and I suggest you protect yourself. You may be a victim and not even know it. Search “Psychopath” and “Sociopath” for more information. Arm yourself with knowledge and awareness. Avoid dangerous individuals and potentially hazardous situations.

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Here is the deal Everybody: We have pulled most of the already released portion of the Library for re-mixing and re-mastering. What we have been working on is deciding on the new release format(s) for the entire catalog. In total, … Continue reading

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New Book and Music

Great News Everyone! At the recent urging by my Wife, I have been writing a New Book in my spare time. The book chronicles my escape from multiple Psychopaths throughout my life and particularly focuses on events from May 2009 … Continue reading

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This Explains It

My Wife and I love this quote from Dr. G Simon: Most disturbed characters don’t hear that little voice in their heads that urge most of us to do right or admonish most of us when we’re contemplating doing wrong. … Continue reading

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October Is Fun

Welcome to October! Many things come to mind when it comes to October. What most people think of is trick-or-treating, candy and dressing up in wild costumes. Festive Finery and bags of goodies aside, here is a pictorial Top 4 … Continue reading

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Going To UOE

It will be very refreshing to play the drums again live with my good friends from Air Supply whom I have not seen since the Rik Tinory days. I am also VERY excited to be going throughout the month of … Continue reading

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Top 5

My Wife and I picked out our Top 5 favorite photos from the last week in August and here they are!  

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Bumpy NOT Bumpy

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24 August

Two years ago in my Hometown of Weston, Massachusetts, I married my Wife Maria. I am truly the most fortunate man. A happy marriage to the perfect spouse is the essence of perfection.

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Another Icon

My Wife Maria and I both love the late Jack Lemmon. Jack and I share some close connections as we were both born at the same Hospital (although I was born in the maternity ward and not in an elevator) … Continue reading

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Useful Links

With all the new apps offering online content, we thought it would be helpful to point to some sites that we are using frequently. As you already may know, Facebook sucks, so here are a few links to some of … Continue reading

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Glenn Davis Doctor G Dot Com

Our Domain has been sold to a Japanese Conglomerate. The site and all content can now be viewed at: 

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Social Media Filter

Tired of those nauseating baby, children and grandchildren photos that clutter up your social media experience? Fed up with the dreadful reality show shares? From the ghoulish to the garish, make them disappear from your feeds with Rather. From the … Continue reading

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Cerri Cantieri Navali

Cerri Cantieri Navali C102 AWESOME! YES!!!!!

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Polynesian Paradise

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How To Get The Most Out Of Life

How To Get The Most Out Of Life Many people ask my Wife and I how we always are so happy and fulfilled in life. Some of the answers are very simple, and if you apply them to your life, … Continue reading

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Easter 2014

Oschter Haws – 420 – He Is Risen Pasg Hapus

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My Wife Maria 30 Years Ago    

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