Top Mistakes Parents Make

Top Mistakes Parents Make

  • They have a child for the wrong reasons. The top wrong reason being that they have a child or children to fill an empty void and are seeking unconditional love. This is similar to people who buy things only to find that any satisfaction is short lived and after the initial reward, they are left feeling even more empty.
  • They live their lives through the child. There are many articles online that go into great depth about this and are crucial reads.
  • They make their main reason for living their child. This is extremely unhealthy for both the child(ren) and parent(s) because if you can’t take care of yourself first, how are you going to be able to properly take care of the child?
  • They enable. Here is a checklist of things that will show you whether or not you are an enabler.
  • They use the child as a pawn.

This article also relates in many ways not to just children, but grandchildren as well. It is also a widely known fact that women are the worst offenders when it comes to these mistakes.

Here are some signs that you should seek help:

  • You carry excessive amounts of pictures of your child(ren) or grandchild(ren) and make them the focus of your conversations with other people.
  • You have children before you get your own life together first.
  • You have some sort of online name like: “Proudmom” or “Grandma”
  • You post Sonogram pictures.
  • Your online profile image is not of you, but of your child or grandchild.
  • You say things like: “I am so blessed to have my child or grandchild” or “My child(ren) or grandchild(ren)” are my world.

If you took offense to this article in any way, you are in denial and the first step to fixing things is to realize what you’re doing and if you truly want to be the best parent, you will want to change not only for the child’s sake, but for yourself.


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