Pier 66

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My Wife and I recently discovered that the iconic Pier 66 Marina was up for sale for $200M and we couldn’t resist going back to look.

We slipped in to P66 and as usual, the staff and dockmaster were cheerful, friendly and most accommodating. Pier 66 is conveniently located at 26 06.129 North / 80 07.076 West, and is on the east side of the ICW at the corner of the Stranahan and Mercedes Rivers. The Marina consists of floating composite and fixed concrete decked slips and face docks. 30/50/100 amp power hookups and recent renovations now include an additional 6 Superyacht slips.

The inner fairways may pose a challenge depending on conditions, so a face dock is usually preferred. MLW Depths: Entry: 10 ft. Fuel Dock: 12 ft. Max Slip/Moor: 15 ft./— Tide: 2.5 ft. The resort itself is of course, the main attraction and since our last visit, the vintage Otis Sky Glass scenic express elevator to “The Top” has been rehabbed/re-certified and is fully functional once again. Yay.

The bulk of the “land” property consists of 22 acres of tropical resort with waterfalls, pools, gardens, tennis courts, six restaurants and spa. The landscaping and maintenance is simply exquisite and the massive courtyard boasts numerous gaming pursuits including a giant chess board. FLB is just moments away and there is virtually limitless shopping and clubbing options all in close proximity. Definitely a “Must” and worthy of multiple return visits!



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