Home Decor

It’s not just a house, it’s your home. There are many ways you can add to the enjoyment of life and time spent when you are home. Beautiful Home Decor can be achieved easily, inexpensively and best of all, you can have fun doing it.

Keeping things simple not only adds to the charm and ambiance of the areas you are decorating, but it also highlights curiosities. Just about any item can make for a great conversation piece and placement is really up to you as long as you don’t detract from the theme you are shooting for. For example, in our beach home, my Wife and I decided on keeping things understated to retain that easy-going and care-free feeling that we get from living by the ocean.

Home Decor

Color matching and simplicity are key elements.

To highlight our Delft Lamp we chose items that corresponded with it’s theme and colors by placing shells we collected this week and a dolphin pair figurine. The shells were complimentary of course and the figurine was gifted to us by a friend, so they make perfect conversation pieces while simultaneously gracing this area. Being a yachtsman, I also strategically placed nautical keepsakes that blend seamlessly with the feel of this home.

A perfect way to dress up walls is to frame photos you have taken and is a great way to add contrast without taking away from a color theme. If you look at the two photos below, you will see that the colors are contrasted, but the theme is identical and the colors compliment each other.


The colors blend with the table display.


The colors add a smooth, comfortable and warm contrast while keeping to the theme.

Adding live plants is another effective decorative accent and we chose Phoenix roebelenii and Serenoa repens bonsai. So, as you can see, it’s a blast to decorate and can be done with ease!


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