Ah the misinformation of the internet. A search for the origins and meanings of the word (or term) “Lurker” brings up everything but the truth. I (Glenn Scott Davis) first used the word in 1979 at a recording studio. There were people that didn’t belong at the studio because they didn’t work there, didn’t know anyone personally there, were not involved in our works in any manner and had no reason for being there other than gawking. I asked several people who did belong there: Who are the Lurkers? The word stuck and rapidly became part of “Weston Lingo”


About Glenn Davis Doctor G - Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis Doctor G - Born as: Glenn Scott Davis - Royal Welsh Family. International Artist - Warner Bros. Inventor, author, filmmaker and developer. Guinness, Gold and Platinum Record Awards. Member of Mensa. Owner of Burbank CA, Warner Bros. and all affiliated companies.
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