Most Haunted Place in the World

The Most Haunted Place in the World

While it’s possible that there are endless places on earth that are haunted, one place stands alone as the scariest and most cursed; The Highway 192 in Florida. The sheer number of abandoned places and things that dot the curse that is 192 also make it the largest haunted and abandoned thing and place in the Sunshine State, if not the world. The years of decay has taken it’s toll on this once thriving vast collection of hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, gas stations and other assorted businesses. The memories of men, women and children of all ages frolicking about whistle like a ghostly noise through the palm trees and other flora and fauna that still reside in and around Highway 192.

While many have attempted to dare to enter the areas that comprise 192, only one person has actually successfully been able to live to tell of the infamous and fabled curse that is 192. The man responsible for this epic feat not only lived it, he was gracious enough to actually document it through audio and video. The documentation is undeniable proof that this place exists and that it is in fact completely cursed. This man is the famous, the one and only Adam The Woo. Below is the proof in sound and full living color that offers all who watch a chance to wander through and relive the Curse of Highway 192.


About Glenn Davis Doctor G - Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis Doctor G - Born as: Glenn Scott Davis - Royal Welsh Family. International Artist - Warner Bros. Inventor, author, filmmaker and developer. Guinness, Gold and Platinum Record Awards. Member of Mensa. Owner of Burbank CA, Warner Bros. and all affiliated companies.
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