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We all have a past. We all have memories. Having been fortunate to have traveled the world most of my life, I enjoy the benefits of exploring and learning from cultures and places. It is often said that one always gravitates back to fond memories of places, past events and people that you shared experiences in life with. This thing called Nostalgia is one reason why eBay became so popular. People identify with the past. Whether it was your first car, favorite vacation spot, hotel, cruise ship, restaurant, toys you had growing up, most liked movies, television shows, music, favorite celebrity, or what have you.
There is a reason why that certain piece of memorabilia is so valuable to certain people; it brings joy by virtue of re-living good times. Happy is fun, happy is healthy, happy is good. The feeling you get from looking at an original brochure, for example, of a vintage dirt bike that you once owned and loved, or even buying it again in whatever condition it may be in is the closest thing to having a time machine. While everyone has a different upbringing, lives in different areas of the world and has whatever it is that they enjoy in life, we all share one thing in common: memories.

Having grown up in a place on the globe called New England, more specifically, a place called “Metrowest” which are suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, I would like to share some of the instruments and recording studios which I loved (and still do) but many of them, like the old amusement parks are gone forever. I have people, places and things globally which I reminisce about, but I would like to focus on local places where good food and good times were spent since they are attached to where I was raised (it is often said if no matter where you are, you always gravitate back to your roots) so I have picked several “gone forever” restaurants that I dearly miss. Even if you cannot relate directly to some of these places, it will at least get you thinking about the ones you can, which is the purpose of sharing this.

Giovanni’s, Rt. 9, Framingham, Massachusetts was the best Italian food in the world (tied with Javeli’s which is still in business near Logan International Airport) and had the best Pizza. The dining tables were adorned with Playola Jukeboxes so you could enjoy your favorite hit music while partaking in the wonderful culinary offerings presented. After your meal, you could go across the street to Shopper’s World,  the world’s first indoor/outdoor mall to browse the many stores and oddities that would delight all ages. As of 2012, an Uno’s stands on the site where Giovanni’s used to be.

Chin’s Village, Rt. 9, Wellesley, Massachusetts was a Chinese restaurant which had an architecturally pleasing aesthetic exterior and very intricate interior with authentic Chinese adornments throughout. One of the specialties was Hon Sue Gai, a Polynesian dish.

Finnerty’s Country Squire, Cochituate (part of Wayland) Massachusetts, was an “upscale” establishment that served fine American Cuisine and offered a true New England “Yankee” ambiance. Sundays were always the busiest day at Finnerty’s.

Red Coach Grill, Rt. 20, Wayland, Massachusetts was a “Chain” restaurant which offered good food and good value. The Red Coach was a fixture which served many patrons over the years and was a “Family” style eatery.

The Pewter Pot, Boston, Massachusetts was a small chain of restaurants, which at least at one location, had a giant pewter pot hanging from the front of the building in which steam came out of the spout. The muffins and authentic new england clam chowder were phenomenal. Patrons were treated to the “Townie” feel and enjoyed a colonial theme with waitresses sporting revolution era garb. The burgers were also exceptionally great as was the value of the meals.

So next time you sit down at your favorite place to eat and enjoy time with who is close to your heart, savor every moment as you never know when it may be gone forever and only a time machine, nostalgic memories, or a piece of memorabilia will afford you ability to live the experience once again.

About the Author: Glenn Scott Davis aka Glenn Davis Doctor G was born in 1962 and lived in Wellesley Massachusetts until a week before the starting of first grade, at which time he and his family moved a mile away and lived in Weston, Massachusetts until March of 2001.


About Glenn Davis Doctor G - Glenn Scott Davis

Glenn Davis Doctor G - Born as: Glenn Scott Davis - Royal Welsh Family. International Artist - Warner Bros. Inventor, author, filmmaker and developer. Guinness, Gold and Platinum Record Awards. Member of Mensa. Owner of Burbank CA, Warner Bros. and all affiliated companies.
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