How To Have The Ultimate Wedding

Making Your Wedding The Best It Can Be


So you are getting married. You want to remember this sacred day forever and you want it all to be flawless. It doesn’t matter what type of wedding ceremony you decide on, whether it’s a simple wedding or one with a long list of details. Making your wedding day the best it can be is easy and fun for everyone involved.

Wedding Planner: The first step in making your wedding memorable for a lifetime is deciding when and where. June is the most popular month of the year to get married. Depending on where you choose to tie the knot, getting married in June affords the benefit of the promise of nice weather. If any of the events surrounding your wedding involve the great outdoors, be it the reception, honeymoon, or the ceremony itself, June is your safest bet.

Wedding Checklist: After you make your choice in regards to the date and location, the next step is planning the details. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have the ultimate wedding, but if you choose to budget long jing, there are some easy ways to get the most out of your investment.

Wedding Do’s: If you are having your wedding at a prestigious location (such as the Martha Mary Chapel, for example) you may need to book your ceremony well in advance since there is a waiting list to utilize the facilities. The same goes for your choice of where you will hold the reception and where your honeymoon will take place. Don’t be afraid to ask for references when it comes to choosing a catering service, floral arrangements, photographer(s), videographer(s), limousine services, etc.

Wedding Day Music: You will need to decide who will perform the music at the ceremony and the reception. Some people choose to have a vocalist perform at the ceremony, and most weddings include at least one instrumentalist. Whether you choose a live band or a Dee Jay, the band or DJ will probably ask you for a playlist of favorite songs and will want to know what “your song” will be for your wedding day.

Honeymoon: The place you choose to honeymoon to celebrate your new marriage should be somewhere that is tied to love and marriage such as Bermuda. You should discuss this detail with your partner and again, you may need to book in advance.

The institution of marriage is life’s most sacred bond between two people and is one of the things in life that is always remembered, so with a little planning and forethought, you can make your wedding day the best it can be.


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