The Music Cloud

The Music Cloud Is Poised To Become An Icon

The Music Cloud


The Cloud Services currently offered for music (and services that are about to become available) offer more than meets the eye, or ears. I have said time and time again based on my testing of apps, services and add-ons including plugins, that Google Music will dominate the Music Cloud Industry. I could even go as far as predicting that GOOG will touch the 1K mark this year, with the obvious and unavoidable fact that there are always skeptics. As grounds, my prediction is based on facts that have unveiled themselves after an educated “hands-on” comparison of what is (and will be) out there.

Without going into a long (and very technical) ramble, I can tell you what Music Cloud is (or rather will be) and what it is not. Clouding, besides being a “cloud” that follows you anywhere, will offer earth-shattering opportunities. Here are some of the benefits:

– Global “Smart” Search for your favorite songs, albums and artists.
– “Blanket” Search Function via lyric entry
– “Melody” Search Plugin will allow search via voice recognition (hum, whistle, etc.)
– “Locker” Services keep everything in one place and “safe”
– Global access from any computer
– Global access from any cloud enabled device
– Wi-fi transmission plugin will allow audio playback to devices that are cloud enabled (eliminates having to plug a cable into a dedicated audio system)
– “My Mix” Plugin allows customizable versions of songs
– “Learn List” Plugin will create random play lists and music suggestions automatically based on “learning” what you listen to
– “Perfect Play” Plugin that analyzes listening environment and keeps playback “flat” for accurate listening anywhere
“Cloudphones” Plugin allows playback to wireless headphones
– “Autolocate Plus” Plugin allows unlimited assignable start and stop points, block repeat, jump to, time stretch and shrink, VSO (vari-speed), pitch and key assign, and (VERY cool) reverse playback in any mode
– “Frankenstein” Raindrop Plugin that allows user to create songs from unlimited edits
– “Player Creator” Plugin allows user to create a custom player so that the user has a familiar and easy to use playback interface
– “Thunder Cloud” Plugin allows users to suggest music globally and create “Thunder Storms” which are your own custom “radio stations”
– “Cloud Burst” Plugin that allows total manipulation of format playback so that the user can choose playback based on any transmission speed AND choose ANY format from compressed all the way up to SACD High Definition

What Music Cloud is NOT:

In order for you to understand the scope of what this technology is not, I can tell you that I tested the very first Sirius XM Radio app extensively before it was released to the public in February 2010. Due to the (then) current limitations of technology, the app fell short in several ways with the most glaring disappointment being audio quality. The stream rate was far too poor to satisfy even the most unconcerned user. Music Cloud will NOT be like this. Properly configured, Music Cloud will not only seamlessly integrate into cloud service providers, but (applause please) actually sound as good as any of what was previously considered the most superior format.


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