Cloud Service Industry Standard

Cloud Service Standard Integration


Here we go again. Back when MIDI was in it’s infancy, I tested a boatload of products, software and platforms as fast as they became available. I still have (and still use) a custom card that is a hybrid blend of electronics from Roland, Korg, EMU, NED, DBX, CMI, Neve and Moog. The card and the software it uses was the first to utilize the GM (General MIDI) Standard. It still works flawlessly and can still “talk” to every device new or old.

A new frontier called the cloud service is here and evolving just as fast. I have been testing various apps and services (some are already up and available for public consumption, while others are still beta) to help verify compatibility so that a standard integration can be agreed upon industry-wide. Whether you use cloud service for documents for business, cloud based music players, or something else, everything needs to be compatible. That is often the biggest challenge facing any new technology. Trying to monopolize on something only works for as long as it takes for competitors to “borrow from” and release their own version. So rather than having the industry offer a zillion different versions, it makes more sense to standardize, then compete.

Aside from the other factors such as applications, legalities and the like, cloud services need to compete with one another, yet remain compatible. There may be revisions over time after the standard is agreed upon and set, but there has to be standard integration for the cloud service industry to be successful.

At the moment, I am testing RIM apps for use with cloud services. RIM and Microsoft won’t jointly manage off-site data centers, but Microsoft centers will connect “cloud to cloud” to RIM centers that house BlackBerry Enterprise Servers. Amazon must be compatible with Google Music, which must be compatible with Blackberry products, which must be compatible with this, that and the other. So yes, this whole thing is still in it’s infancy, but is obviously the future, just as MIDI was back in the 1980’s. I believe business has learned a valuable lesson: Standard Integration first. It saves money and keeps the consumer from getting confused and frustrated.

As far as Music Players and Services go, my money is still on Google, as they offer the best product across the board from what I have seen and used so far. It will be a constant battle for market share by virtue of playing the price, ease of use and quality shell game.


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